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Bars & Restaurants (short 3 minute video below)

What if I told you I designed a program that can make you more money by running your business the same as you have been with just a little tweak to get more customer retention?

"A 5% increase in customer retention increases profits 25-85%" - Jay Bauer (Marketing Expert)

Imagine, what would 2 or 3 more visits per customer, per year do for your business?

The easiest, least expensive way to grow a bar or restaurant is to get your customers to come in more.

How do you do that NOW?

I have spent $20,000 building a system to communicate with customers (to show you care) by texting or emailing specials, events, discounts, an automated B-day club and even slow-day marketing.

Give your business a competitive advantage using text marketing in today's mobile world. I am running a special so I take all the risk. You receive 30 days free to try our simple and easy to use system. After that, you can cancel and there is no cost to you.


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