Why VIP Follow Up?
send emailsDesigned for small companies from 1-10 sales people
send text messagesIt's Simple & Easy to Use
organize contactsSaves You Time
auto responder messagesMakes You More Sales
email chat dialogue toolPreset Auto-Responder Follow Up Messages
reminder messages dialogueOrganize Your Leads & Customers
much much moreSend or schedule Emails and Text Messages
much much moreOne place to record emails, texts and notes on each contact
send emailsFollow Up Reminder Texts and Emails
send text messagesAutomates and Tracks Your Sales Cycle
send text messagesFree Training and Support
send text messagesHave your Business Stand Out
send text messagesCost Effective
send text messagesSeparate your Business from the competition
send text messagesBe in the 10% category of sales people that follow up more than 3 times
send text messagesSee more reasons on our Statistics Page

Why text marketing?



*Special Events

*Customer Appreciation Days

*Slow Day Marketing

*Appointment Reminders

*Deadline Reminders

*Event Reminders