Robert Jahnke
Robert Jahnke Meet Robert Jahnke the CEO, Robert has owned several businesses since 1982. He is very involved in coaching, speaking and volunteering to help the small business community in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area. Our mission at VIP Follow Up is to help make more sales and profits with a simple way to follow up with leads and your client. Plus, add more value and coach you to optimize your business by getting better results and spending less. Mentors are Jay Abraham, Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy. Jay Abraham (right) pictured with Robert Jahnke (left).

CEO & Marketing Guru
Office 920-339-6178
Cell 920-713-0455
Chris Cary
Chris Cary Program & Website Development Mongol. Chris specializes in creating custom-design website applications that require unique programming, not found in typical drag and drop template platforms. Chris has tools in place that monitor the System 24/7 to keep it running smooth and secure.


Entrepreneur and business owner since 1982, Robert Jahnke attributes his entrepreneurial longevity to persistence in following up with customers. "I've had clients say to me, 'I'll buy from you because you followed up with me.'"

He has owned carpet-cleaning, insurance, advertisement distribution, travel incentive, shoppers guide and printing businesses. He found that the more he followed up, the more his profits rose.

But one thing eluded him: A simple way to follow-up that didn't involve index cards, easy-to-misplace notes or human error.

The systems he found were pricey, geared to big companies or demanded personal information just to see how their products worked.

That launched his quest to create an affordable, easy system, designed for the little guy. He and friend Laine Shields brainstormed hundreds of hours with web programmer Chris Cary, and VIP Follow-up llc. was born January 2015. After over 30 years in business this was a dream come true, let us show you how we can help your dreams come true too.